Who We Are

NIMRAH CARGO TRANSPORT BY HEAVY TRUCKS LLC COMPANY is a transportation company specialized in Transportation and Hauling of Containers across the UAE, with a special focus on Dubai.  NIMRAH started its operations by providing service to an impressive portfolio of multinational companies in UAE. Ours is one of the fastest growing fleet of trailers. We already have 100+ and offer a daily transport capacity exceeding 75 containers. NIMRA has fit GPS tracking on all its vehicles, enabling us to track your shipment as it moves across the UAE so you can plan ahead.

NIMRA provides its customers with containerized land transportation services. Our fleet is consists a variety of chassis lengths and transport containers of varying specifications. These include 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, 50ft, open top, flat beds, low bed and Curtain Trailers. NIMRA provides contractual Lease solutions for the clients. Our portfolio is growing and will only continue to grow as we strive towards even higher standards of service. We always seek to provide the customer with value and a top quality services.

Our Values

  • Passionate - We are passionate about customers.
  • Accountable - We are committed to, and accountable for our actions.
  • Quick - We are agile and responsive.
  • Quality - We are Quality driven.
  • Improvement - We believe in Continuous Improvement.


Becoming a transparent, reliable and strategic partner which upgrades the transportation services to a better level by high performance, efficient and cost-oriented solutions offered to the customers. Setting the highest of standards in every project execution. Intending to exceed customer expectations.


Our commitment inorder to become one of the most preferred transportation services provider in the Middle East is to fully satisfying our customers’ requirements through a process of continuous improvement.